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Accomplish your goals with custom applications. Integrate the features you want seemlessly as part of your website.

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Create an experience your users will love and keep them coming back. Responsive designs are a standard and will ensure your users can access your website no matter what device they're using.

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Prepare your web and mobile applications and ensure they play nicely together. A well written API can make adding more functionality to your website easier.

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Gary Berger Testimonial

Gary Berger

Baltimore Martial Arts

Osei Quashie was one of the best freelancers that I have ever hired. Quashie has the skill sets and communicates very well. He was able to fix my issues quickly and accurately and exceeded my expectations in every regard. I highly recommend him for your professional needs.

Ryan Allred, DMD Testimonial

Ryan Allred, DMD

Caring Smiles Dental

Osei was easy to work with and did a nice job. He worked with me through a couple of iterations of the web page until we got it how we wanted it... It has worked out very well for me. I have been converting very well with the landing page. Thanks for all your great work.

John K Testimonial

John K

Coin and History

Very conscientious worker. Very knowledgeable in Javascript and HTML.

Create a website that's fast and easy to use.

Featured Work


Musetudio wanted to bring to the world a Marketplace for furniture enthusiasts. They needed a platform where users can purchase custom-made furniture from a variety of sellers.

I was able to work with them through several iterations of the website until we had it the way that best expressed their idea.


Preaching Dashboard

A local church wanted a quick and easy way for all church members to view the results of a preaching festival. They needed a way for the information to update in real-time.

I worked with them to provide a simple dashboard that allowed church leaders to log in and update information for any given day and display the results in an easy-to-understand graph for all members. I hosted this project for them on one of my subdomains.

Preaching Dashboard


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